2021 Breakout sessions


Learning and teaching in medicine - works in progress

Facilitator: Jenna Carter

Title: Using Mental Models to Advance Clinical Reasoning
Author(s): Sonal C. Patel, Shaun Cardozo, James A. Rowley, Madhumita Mohanty, Janet Poulik, Murray N. Ehrinpreis

Title: The Impact of a Growth Mindset on Medical Students
Author(s): Luke Wesemann

Title: Evaluation of Spaced Repetition in Medical School Year One Gross Anatomy
Author(s): Thomas Russo

Undergraduate medical education - works in progress

Facilitator: Diane Levine, M.D.

Title: Formation of a multi-stakeholder student driven coalition to address issues of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, in the medical education curriculum
Author(s): Ashley Kramer, Sara Saymuah Stone, Enxhi Lalo, Suraj Jaipalli, Pavithra Margabandu, Michael J. Franklin Jr, Ntami Echeng, Capricia Bell, Lauren Varvatos, Riya Shah, Margaret Bove, Senthil Kumar Rajasekaran

Title: Development of a Longitudinal Medical Ethics Curriculum for Pre-Clerkship and Clerkship Training
Author(s): Margaret Bove; Benjamin Huber; Erin Miller, MD.

Title: Perceived Effectiveness of Video Interviews for Orthopaedic Surgery Residency During COVID-19
Author(s): Jonathan Warren B.S., Lafi Khalil M.D., Alexander Pietroski M.S., Michael McIntosh B.S., Stuart Guthrie M.D., Stephanie Muh M.D.

Education in the clinical environment - works in progress

Facilitator: Senthil Kumar Rajasekaran, M.D.

Title: Improving Treatment Cost Communication for Spanish and Arabic Speaking Cancer Patients: Next Steps in the DISCO Protocol
Author(s): RaeAnn Hill, Eyouab Tadesse, Lorna Mabunda, Lauren M. Hamel

Title: Arab American Health Initiative: Educate & Empower
Author(s): Mariam Ayyash, Marwa Ayyash, Fatima Saad, Hebah Reda, Malak Kabalan, Malak Ismail, Marwa Saad, Zain Jawad, Yasmine Elghoul, Roukaya Najdi, Roland Alexander Blackwood

Title: A Multi-institutional Survey of E-cigarette Documentation in Electronic Health Records and Resident Physicians’ Attitudes towards E-cigarette Usage
Author(s): Mindy M. Kim, Priyanka Kale, Diane L. Levine

Medical education

Facilitator: Robert Reaves, M.B.A.

Title: Do Medical Students Need Training in Mental Health First Aid? Comparison of Knowledge, Confidence, Comfort & Attitudes from Orientation to Residency Preparation
Author(s): Eva Waineo MD, Robert (Brent) Stansfield PhD, May Chammaa, Margit Chadwell MD

Title: When Awareness Leads to Action: Potential Mitigation Strategies for Medical Student Mistreatment by Patients
Author(s): Emma Drenth, Besma Aly, Akanksha Vaishnav, Dariah Lauer, Ria Minawala, Nichole Tuite, Dr. Eva Waineo, Dr. Jason Booza

Title: Can 1-Hour Leave a Lasting Impression? Evaluating the Unique Contributions of Opioid Overdose Prevention and Response Training to the Pre-Clinical Medical Curriculum
Author(s): Tabitha E. H. Moses, Jessica L. Moreno, May Chammaa, Eva Waineo, Mark K. Greenwald

Title: Mechanical Ventilation Training of Pulmonary Critical Care Fellows During The COVID-19 Pandemic
Author(s): Aryan Shiari, MD; Abdelaziz Mohamed, MD; Divya Venkat, MD; Sarah J. Lee, MD; Abdulghani Sankari, MD