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2020 Awards and recognition


Poster – Innovation – completed work


First place: “Mental Health First Aid Training for All First-Year Medical Students: Baseline Knowledge, Attitudes and Immediate Impact,”
Authors: Anita Ukani, Tiffani Strickland, Margit Chadwell and Eva Waineo

Second place tie: “Patient Safety Day: A Virtual Initiative to Improve Medical Student Knowledge of Quality Theory,”
Authors: Caleb Sokolowski, Megan Walsh and Diane Levine

Second place tie: “Virtual Room of Horrors: Transforming a Quality Improvement Education Program to a Virtual Setting with the Goal of Early Introduction of Quality Improvement and Awareness of Patient Safety and Medical Errors to Medical Students,”
Authors: Megan Walsh, Jie Chi, Lea Monday, Omid Yazdanpanah, Mowyad Khalid, Caleb Sokolowski and Diane Levine

Poster – Innovation – work in progress


First place: “Impact of Incorporating Medications for Addiction Treatment (MAT) Waiver Training During Undergraduate Medical Clerkship Curriculum,”
Authors: Kaycee Ching, Katherine Loveluck, Tabitha Moses, Michael Garmo, Rafael Ramos, Eva Waineo and Diane Levine


Second place: “Professional Coaching in Residency: The Analysis of a Novel Approach Decreasing Resident Burnout,”
Authors: Matthew Silbergleit, Shibandri Das, Mark Juzych and Pradeepa Yoganathan


Third place: “Development and Implementation of Scholarly Concentrations for Individualized Medical Student Experience,”
Authors: Jenna Carter, Michael Franklin, Cooper Laurain, Richard Baker, Jason Booza, Steven Daveluy, Sonia Hassan, Diane Levine, Jennifer Mendez, Ijeoma Nnodim Opara, Senthil Rajasekaran, Latonya Riddle-Jones and Joseph Dunbar

Poster – Research – completed work


First place: “Food Insecurity Education in Medical School: Experiential Learning with an Urban Farming Initiative,”
Authors: Samantha Rea, Jay Jarodiya, Madeline Berschback and Diane Levine


Second place: “Comparing the Prevalence of Medical Student Mistreatment by Patients at School-Affiliated Sites,”
Authors: Emma Drenth, Dariah Lauer, Nichole Tuite, Besma Aly, Akanksha Vaishnav, Ria Minawala, Eva Waineo and Jason Booza


Third place: “Medical Student Perspectives on the Reporting of Mistreatment by Patients,”
Authors: Dariah Lauer, Emma Drenth, Nichole Tuite, Ria Minawala, Akanksha Vaishnav, Besma Aly, Eva Waineo and Jason Booza

Poster – Research work in progress


First place tie: “How Does Organizational Communication Affect Medical Student Wellness at WSUSOM?,”
Authors: Aneesh Hehr, Lacey Brim, Simone Brennan and Julie Novak


First place tie: “Preliminary Results of a Scoping Review of Preclinical Faculty Wellness Poster,”
Authors: Elizabeth Jakubowski and Katherine Akers


Third place: “Up-to-date Use as a Predictor of Medical Student Success: A Work in Progress,”
Authors: Connor Buechler, Kurt Wendland, Jason Booza and Diane Levine

Oral presentation


First place tie: “Evaluating the Unique Impact of Opioid Overdose Prevention and Response Training on Medical Student Knowledge and Attitudes Toward Opioid Overdose,”
Authors: Tabitha Moses, Jessica Moreno, Rafael Ramos, Eva Waineo and Mark Greenwald


First place tie: “Virtual Case Studies Series: Development of Clinical Skills and Patient Population Understanding,”
Authors: Marla Rojas Thaureaux, Paige Baal, Janki Vaghasia andRobert Sherwin 


Third place: “Instructional Scaffolding of Clinical Reasoning Development in an M1 Clinical Skills Course,”
Authors: Sonal Patel and Erin Miller

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