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Poster guidelines for the Medical Education Research and Innovation conference
  1. The maximum poster dimensions of 48” width x 36” height (approx. 120 cm width x 90 cm height) must be respected

  2. Material to affix your poster to the display boards will be provided to you by the conference.

  3. Limit the amount of printed material. Posters should not be elaborate, if supplemental material is desired, you may hand out information sheets to those viewing your poster or provide a QR code that links to a website.
  4. Please review how to create accessible design from the department of Medical Communications

  5. Each poster must have a top label indicating the title of the poster, the names of the authors and their affiliations. The size of the characters for the title should be at least 0.8” (2 cm) high.

  6. Poster text should be large enough to be read from a distance of 3’ (1 meter) or more. This is possible using font size 30-50.

  7. Keep illustrative material simple. Charts, drawings and illustrations are usually similar to those used in making slides. Simple use of color is effective for adding emphasis.

  8. Simple "Introduction" and "Conclusion" sections are usually helpful. When feasible, use graphs for demonstrating qualitative relationships, use tables for precise numerical values.

  9. Do not fold posters; try to carry them in an appropriate container.

  10. Conference staff will be present to assist you.

  11. Poster numbers will be provided by staff and will be available on your poster board.

Presentation guidelines

Participants will view posters during coffee and lunch breaks. All posters should be displayed as of Friday. Presenters are encouraged to be at their posters during coffee breaks. This is not mandatory. Please note that the session chairs will encourage the audience to visit the posters during breaks.

Mounting time

Thursday, November 16 – 11 a.m.

Removal time

Thursday, November 16 – 4 p.m.


Presenters are responsible for the removal of their poster. Posters not removed by the indicated time above will be discarded at the end of the conference.

Poster templates

You may download poster templates from the links below. Poster templates (downloads are Microsoft PowerPoint pptx format)

Poster guidelines

Printing your poster

The cost of printing your poster is being generously funded through the office of the dean. In order to take advantage of this offer, you must print through the department of Medical Communications at the SOM. Please follow the steps below to submit your order.

Submitting an order

Submit your work order

  • Poster printing is 2 business days. it is highly suggested you place your order by 5 p.m. Monday, Nov. 13

  • Select basic paper, 48" x 36" size

  • Upload your file through the department of Medical Communications work order system.

  • In the comments, you must state your poster is for the MER/I conference, and whether your file was created on MAC OS or Windows.

  • In addition to the MERI conference comment, please specify whether the file was created on Mac OS or Windows OS

  • Upon checkout, for the payment method, select IRB (Departments only) and Index Number.

    • In the Purchase Order Number text box, write "MERI conference" for the payment.

    • If you do not do that, your order will be rejected and you will need to resubmit. Please remember to notify us its for MERI conference!

  • You will receive communication through the work order system when your order is ready for pickup

  • The pickup area is
    Department of Medical Communications
    540 E. Canfield, room 1367 Scott Hall

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