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Conference goals

Wayne State University School of Medicine will use this as an opportunity to encourage and prepare participants to present on a national stage
  1. Acknowledge current curricular innovations that take place at Wayne State University School of Medicine by providing participants a venue to showcase their work. 

  2. Help individuals take their works in progress to completed projects or innovations. 

  3. Help individuals take their research from the local stage to the national stage. 

  4. Help individuals translate their posters/oral abstracts to publications. 


More than 300 participants attended the in-person fifth annual Medical Education Research and Innovation Conference. The conference showcased completed and in-progress medical education research and innovation projects by students, residents, staff, and faculty.

The conference, held on Nov. 16, 2023, featured the work of 86 entries selected from more than 100 applications, along with presentations by distinguished keynote speakers John D. Mitchell, M.D., and LuAnn Wilkerson, Ed.D.

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