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2022 Awards and recognition


Best in class oral presentations

Category: Step 1


Title: Step 1 Pass/Fail: The Impact on WSUSOM and an Opportunity for Change​
Authors: Shatha Wahbi, Haneen Ali, Emily Fisher, Alexis Nguyen, Daniel Bota, Gowri Chandrashekar, Maha Ahmed, and Eva Waineo M.D.

Category: Community Health and Well-being​


Title: “On Call”: An Innovative Solution to Reduce Language Barriers in Detroit Free Clinics​
​Authors: Kayvon Sanjasaz, Joseph Cavataio, Jhonny Lopez

Category: Professional Development/Mentoring ​


Title: The Formation of an Independent Medical Student Admissions Interviewer Committee​
Authors: Iyanna Peppers, Sean McCarthy, Kevin Sprague, M.D., Abhinav Krishnan, M.S., Ph.D.​

Category: The Learning Environment


Title: Communication issues within the Class of 2024 and 2025: Due to administrative action, COVID causes, or just the Sophomore Slump? ​
Authors: Joseph Files, Cullen Hudson, Ced Mutebi, ​Sara Kazyak, Jonah Yousif, Benjamin Sliwinski

Category: Curriculum/Medical Training


Title: Not all fun and games: Gamification of Child Abuse Medical Education​
Author: Dena Nazer

Category: Students’ Health and Well-being


Title: Fertility and Family Planning: The Changing Concerns and Perspectives of Physician Trainees ​
​Authors: Sabrina Montemayor B.S., Michelle C Coughlin M.D., Heather Dolman M.D., Guillermina Nava M.D., Samantha Tarras M.D.


Best in class: Innovation Posters – Works in Progress

Poster Title: Walk with a Doc: Linking Mentorship with Self-Care

Authors: Allison Boland, Rachel Puentes, Emma Streveler, Eva Waineo, M.D.


Poster Title: Closing the Loop: Implementing an Annual Survey to Gauge Student Feedback

Authors: Riya Shah, Cullen Hudson, Jenna Carter, Matthew Brennan, Jason Booza, Ph.D.

Best in class: Innovation Posters – Completed Works


Poster Title: Equity Across Religious Identity: Assessing Student Attitudes and Experiences with the Current WSUSOM Religious Holiday Policy

Authors: Sarah Battiston and Emily Otiso


Poster Title: Evaluating implementation of recognition-based incentive program (RBIP) during Service Learning curriculum

Author: Alexis Malecki


Best in class: Research Posters – Works in Progress 


Poster Title: Impact of conducting student-led developmental disability educational programs in a virtual versus an in-person setting

Author: Ahmad Chouman


Poster Title: A Standardized Patient Model to Reduce Weight Bias in First Year Medical Students

Author: Julia Chase


Best in class: Research Posters – Completed Works


Poster Title: Improvement of First Aid Knowledge and Skills Confidence in First-Year Medical Students

Authors: Brandon Holland, Alejandro Ponce, Andrew Kirmse, Shobi Mathew, Alyssa Dsouza, Alex Wind, Rooshan Arshad, Josh Kirschner, Kristiana Kaufmann M.D.


Poster Title: Flipgrid Improves Student Examination Performance in a Large-Enrollment Introductory Human Physiology Course

Authors: Anthony Mrock, Haley Guffey, Marty Spranger, Ph.D.

Faculty mentor award


For outstanding faculty-to-student mentorship in the area of research at the Wayne State University School of Medicine.

Award recipient: Jennifer Mendez, Ph.D.

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