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2023 Oral abstracts

“Oral abstracts” (oral presentations) refers to educating, informing, and presenting an argument.

Innovation -

Continuity of care between medical students and clinic patients: feasible, effective, and worth prioritizing, even on four-week rotations

Logan Thayer (WSUSOM M3, presenting author), and Jonathan Zimmerman, MD.

Innovation -

"Hello, MedEd World": Leveraging LLMs to Enhance Medical Education

Daniel M. Ibrahim, PharmD, MD Candidate (2027)

Innovation -

Peduzzi Nelson

Innovations in Step 1 Prep

Innovation -

A Board Game to Improve Understanding of Mental Health

Umerani H., Anderson I., Clark K., El Othmani A., Lyche B., Navathe N., Kabbani D., & Mendez J.

Innovation -

Educating Physicians-in-Training to Appraise Evidence-Based Health Information & Support Health Behaviors

Jameel M. Smith, PhD, LP, NCSP, Ella Hu, PhD, MLIS, Meghan McGowan, MA, MLIS, Jennifer Mendez, PhD

Research -

Improving Near-Peer Tutoring Programs: Recommendations from Students' Perspectives

Matthew Brennan, Marissa Zhu PhD, Tara Reid EdD

Research -

Professional identity for medical students by medical students? A CISI Project. 

Gautham Pavar, Zechariah Jean, Marissa Zhu

Research -

Can Medical Students Serve as Effective Virtual Teachers? A Curricular Innovation Scholarship Initiative Project

Zechariah Jean, Gautham Pavar, and Marissa Zhu

Research -

Do Radiologists Receive Training in Breaking Bad News to Patients? 

Alexander Eskandarian, Arif Musa, Ali Harb, Vishal Kumar

Research -

Effectiveness of an Alternating Dissection Schedule with Reciprocal Peer Teaching in the Gross Anatomy Laboratory.

Alju Simon and Paul Walker, PhD

Research -

Back to Basics: Incorporating the Microbiology Lab back into Infectious Diseases Fellowship Curriculum Development

Lea M Monday PharmD MD

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