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2021 Awards and recognition


Poster – Research – completed works

First place:  Incorporation of handoff procedure training into undergraduate gross anatomy curriculum could improve learning and clinical preparedness
Authors: Alison Rousseau, Youstina Abdallah, David Bai, Ahmed Elattma, Priyanka Kale, Matthew Bautista, Harry Ramos, Paul Walker, Diane Levine

Second place: Learning Community Impact at a Large Urban University
Authors: Emily Fisher, Maha Ahmed, Gowri Chandrashekar, Shatha Wahbi, Alexis Nguyen, Daniel Bota, and Haneen Ali

Third place: Comparison of In-Person and Virtual Gross Anatomy Lab Instruction of a First-Year Medical Undergraduate Cohort amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Authors: Youstina Abdallah, David Bai, Alison Rousseau, Ahmed Elattma,  Harry Ramos, Matthew Bautista, Priyanka Kale, Paul Walker, Diane Levine

Poster – Research – works in progress


First place: A Standardized Patient Model to Empower Medical Students to Care for Patients with a Visible Disability
Authors: Nikita Sathiaprakash BS, Sonal Patel MA, Jason Booza PhD


Second place: The Role of Gender in the Mentorship Preferences of Medical Students
Authors: Sabrina Bernardo, Jason Booza PhD, Ijeoma Nnodim Opara MD


Third place: The impact of peer-assisted remediation on at-risk preclinical student performance
Authors: Simone K. Brennan, Ph.D.,  Jennifer Crystal, Ph.D., Sonal C. Patel, MA, Eva Waineo, M.D

Poster – Innovation – completed works


First place: Mandatory Wellness, via Zoom?!?!: The Structure, Process, Feedback, and a Glimpse of the Larger Plan
Authors: Katelyn Kerr, Ellie Lewandowski, Thomas Sprys-Tellner, Eva Waineo


Second place: Medical Comics: A Vehicle to Explore Humanism and Reflection in Medicine
Authors: Zahraa Alqatan, Elizabeth Moore, Destiny Stroman, May Chammaa, Eva Waineo, Diane L. Levine


Third place: Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Online Practicum to Cultivate Confidence in Conducting a Quality Improvement Project in Medical Students
Authors: Mindy M. Kim, Caleb Sokolowski, Shabber Syed, Diane L. Levine

Poster – Innovation -  works in progress


First place: The Impact of The ARIE Program on Medical Student Perceptions On Children with Disabilities.
Authors: Jessica Tan, Dana LaBuda, Kiernan Bloye, Cameron Rubino, Ruchi Mangal, Jennifer Mendez, PhD.


Second place: Fostering wellness and community: Medical student attitudes about virtual journal discussions
Authors: Zoya Gurm MS2, Sara Koussa MS2, Zaina Khoury MS2, Diane Levine MD, Jennifer Mendez PhD


Third place: Implementation of a Multi-segment, Mixed Synchronous-Asynchronous Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Subcurriculum for First Year Medical Students to Improve Clinical Preparedness
Authors: David Bai,  Youstina Abdallah, Alison Rousseau, Ahmed Elattma, Priyanka Kale, Harry Ramos, Matthew Bautista, Paul Walker, Diane Levine

Oral presentation


Learning and Teaching in Medicine - works in progress

First place: Using Mental Models to Advance Clinical Reasoning
Authors: Sonal C. Patel, MA, Shaun Cardozo, James A. Rowley, Madhumita Mohanty, Janet Poulik, Murray N. Ehrinpreis


Undergraduate Medical Education - works in progress

First place: Development of a Longitudinal Medical Ethics Curriculum for Pre-Clerkship and Clerkship Training
Authors: Margaret Bove; Benjamin Huber; Erin Miller, MD


Education in the clinical environment - works in progress

First place: A Multi-institutional Survey of E-cigarette Documentation in Electronic Health Records and Resident Physicians’ Attitudes towards E-cigarette Usage
Authors: Mindy M. Kim, Priyanka Kale, Diane L. Levine

Medical Education

First place: Mechanical Ventilation Training of Pulmonary Critical Care Fellows During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Authors: Aryan Shiari, MD; Abdelaziz Mohamed, MD; Divya Venkat, MD; Sarah J. Lee, MD; Abdulghani Sankari, MD

Faculty mentor awards


Diane Levine, M.D.

Paul Walker, Ph.D.

Eva Waineo, M.D.

Jennifer Mendez, Ph.D.

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