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2022 Oral abstracts

Educating, informing, and presenting an argument.


Title: “Will I Be Able to Match in this?” How Do Students Self-Assess Competitiveness in a Step 1 P/F World?

Authors: Gautham Pavar, Kinan Sawar, Justin Bennie, Nicole Xu, Bohdan Matsko, Harika Bollineni, Abdullah Sahyouni, Yasmeen Alcodray, Robert de la Torre

Title:  Does the Shoe Fit? Development of a School-Specific Step 1 Study Plan

Authors: Riya Shah, BS, Matthew Brennan, BS, Jason Booza, PhD


Title:  Step 1 Pass/Fail: The Impact on WSUSOM and an Opportunity for Change

Authors: Shatha Wahbi, Haneen Ali, Emily Fisher, Alexis Nguyen, Daniel Bota, Gowri Chandrashekar, Maha Ahmed, and Eva Waineo MD

Community Health and Well-being

Title:  Food Insecurity Education Through Undergraduate Medical Service-Learning Experiences

Authors: Nicole Xu, Gautham Pavar, Kinan Sawar, Jennifer Mendez

Title:  Evaluating Dermatological Literacy of the Metro Detroit Population  

Authors: Amber Jackson and Juliet Thungu

Title: "On Call": An Innovative Solution to Reduce Language Barriers in Detroit Free Clinics

Authors: Kayvon Sanjasaz, Joseph Cavataio, Jhonny Lopez

Title: PD-1 Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Authors: Sahil Bawa MD, Balakrishna Kolli PhD, Rajesh Dachepalli MS, Oksana V. Gruzdyn BS, Katia Hermes BS, Chase Morrison BS, Mohammad Malik BS, Soham Desai BS, Andrew Mizerowski BS, Ramesh B. Batchu PhD, J. Edson Pontes MD, Donald W. Weaver, MD.

The Learning Environment  

Title:  Competitive vs. Collaborative Framework: The Impact of Student Learning Environment Perception on Performance

Authors: Abdullah Sahyouni, Gautham Pavar, Nicole Xu, and Kinan Sawar

Title:  Communication issues within the Class of 2024 and 2025: Due to administrative action, COVID causes, or just the Sophomore Slump?

Authors: Joseph Files, Cullen Hudson, Ced Mutebi, Sara Kazyak, Jonah Yousif, Benjamin Sliwinski

Title:  Student Support for At-Risk Students: Impact on Both Student Coaches and Tutored Students​
Authors: Simone Brennan, PhD, Jennifer Crystal, PhD​, Sonal Patel, MA, Eva Waineo, MD

Professional Development/Mentoring 

Title:  A New Outlook: Rewiring WSUSOM’s Student Email Policies for Professionalism and Productivity

Authors: Jonah Yousif, Mirna Kaafarani, Giulia Santangelo, and Cullen Hudson

Title:  The Formation of an Independent Medical Student Admissions Interviewer Committee

Authors: Iyanna Peppers, Sean McCarthy, Kevin Sprague, M.D., Abhinav Krishnan, M.S., Ph.D.

Curriculum/Medical Training 

Title:  A longitudinal lab-based microbiology and mycology curriculum for infectious diseases fellows: a hands-on pilot study

Authors: Erin Pollock, D.O.; Vishakh Keri, M.B.B.S., D.M.; Lea Monday, Pharm.D., M.D.

Title:  Not all fun and games: Gamification of Child Abuse Medical Education

Author: Dena Nazer

Title:  Evaluation of the Medical Student Clinical Role in Clerkships Compared to Initial Expectations

Authors: Robert de la Torre, Abdullah Sahyouni, Kinan Sawar, Yasmeen Alcodray, Bohdan Matsko, Harika Bollineni, Gautham Pauvar, Nicole Xu, Justin Bennie

Students' Health and Well-being 

Title:  Assessing Medical Students' Risk for Heart Disease

Authors: Juliet Thungu and Amber Jackson

Title:  Fertility and Family Planning: The Changing Concerns and Perspectives of Physician Trainees

Authors: Sabrina Montemayor B.S., Michelle C Coughlin M.D., Heather Dolman M.D., Guillermina Nava M.D., Samantha Tarras M.D. 

Title:  Which Areas of Life Suffer Most When Student Workload Goes Up: A Components Analysis

Authors: Bohdan Matsko, Kinan Sawar, Gautham Pavar, Nicole Xu, Harika Bollineni, Justin Bennie, Yasmeen Alcodray, Robert de la Torre, Abdullah Sahyouni

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