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2023 Awards and recognition


Best in class - Innovation - completed works

1st Place

Title: Starting Off on the Right Foot: Student Feedback of Medical School Orientation
Authors: Nicole Collier JD, Allison Gherardini BS, Tracey Eady BBA, Maria Tjilos MPH, Samaah Saifullah BS, Margit Chadwell MD, Eva Waineo, MD

2nd Place​

Title: Integration of a Social Needs Program into an Urban Student-Run Free Clinic
​Authors: Iyanna Peppers, Annie Zhao, Dhiraj Tadikamalla, Cameron Bear, Kirsten Brinkmeier, Kaitlin Verkuilen, Emma Breukink, John Pum, Hasti Nema, Robert Sherwin, M.D.

3rd Place​

Title: Unmasking Race-Based Medicine: Examining Its Impact and Elimination Efforts in Medical Education
Authors: Haniyeh Zamani, B.S., Michal T. Ruprecht, B.S., Latonya A. Riddle-Jones MD, MPH., &  Ijeoma Nnodim Opara, MD, FAAP, FAIM

Best in class: Innovation Posters – Works in Progress

1st Place

Poster Title: Bridging The Gap: Empowering Medical Students to Conduct Safety Screening Assessments

Authors: Tanha Shah, MS; Kennedy S. Werner, MD; Michal T. Ruprecht; Lynn Smitherman, MD; Eva Waineo, MD.


2nd Place

Poster Title: Medical Student Interpreter Liaisons for Urban Medical School Student Run Clinics

Authors: Cecilly Kelleher, Anne Patterson, Kendall Brothers, Sohini Pandit, Mithil Gudi, Dhwani Krishnan, Diane Levine, MD

3rd Place

Poster Title: Med2Med: Fostering Wellness Through Connection

Authors: Andrew Lemmen, Dhiraj Tadikamalla, Elizabeth Choi, Abigail Jaczkowski, Emma Streveler, Allie Boland, Rachel Puentes, Eva Waineo MD  

Best in class: Research Posters – Completed Works


1st Place

Poster Title: The push for POCUS: Is there an interest in ultrasound training within a large Internal Medicine residency program?

Authors: Anusha Majagi, MD, MPH, Karthik Ramaseshan, MD, Sanaa Ahmad, MD, Aws Polina, MD, Asim Kagzi, MD 


2nd Place

Poster Title: Enhancing Resource Utilization: A Peer-Led Intervention for Second-Year Medical Students

Authors: Aarti Patel, Matthew Brennan

3rd Place

Poster Title: Student Perceptions on Debt Management and Financial Aid Counseling: Solutions for Administration

Authors: Ruth Amoakohene, Crisshy Auguste, Riya Shah


Best in class: Research Posters – Works in Progress 


1st Place (tie)

Poster Title: The Effectiveness of a Student Run Free Clinic as a Learning Tool for Undergraduate Students

Authors: Annie Zhao, Kirsten Brinkmeier, Cameron Bear, Dhiraj Tadikamalla, Kaitlin Verkuilen, Emma Breukink, John Pum, Hasti Nema, Robert Sherwin M.D.


1st Place (tie)

Poster Title: Video Playback Speed and Short-Term Memory in Medical Education

Authors: Anthony Bally, Jason Booza, Ph.D.

2nd Place

Poster Title: Does What You Study, When You Study, and How You Study Make an Impact?

Authors: Justin Bennie BS, Jason Booza PhD, Diane Levine MD, Eva Waineo MD


Best in class: Oral Presentation – Research


1st Place

Poster Title: Improving Near-Peer Tutoring Programs: Recommendations from Students' Perspectives

Authors: Matthew Brennan, Marissa Zhu PhD, Tara Reid EdD


2nd Place

Poster Title: Effectiveness of an Alternating Dissection Schedule with Reciprocal Peer Teaching in the Gross Anatomy Laboratory

Authors: Alju Simon and Paul Walker, PhD

3rd Place

Poster Title: Professional identity for medical students by medical students? A CISI Project

Authors: Gautham Pavar, Zechariah Jean, Marissa Zhu

Best in class: Oral Presentation – Innovation


1st Place

Poster Title: Back to Basics: Incorporating the Microbiology Lab back into Infectious Diseases Fellowship Curriculum Development

Authors: Lea M Monday PharmD MD


2nd Place

Poster Title: Educating Physicians-in-Training to Appraise Evidence-Based Health Information & Support Health Behaviors

Authors: Jameel M. Smith, PhD, LP, NCSP, Ella Hu, PhD, MLIS, Meghan McGowan, MA, MLIS, Jennifer Mendez, PhD

3rd Place

Poster Title: A Board Game to Improve Understanding of Mental Health

Authors: Umerani H., Anderson I., Clark K., El Othmani A., Lyche B., Navathe N., Kabbani D., & Mendez J.

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